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Water Lilies of Monet - The Magic of Water and Light Image

Water Lilies of Monet - The Magic of Water and Light (G)

A journey through the masterpieces and obsessions of the genius Impressionist.

When Claude Monet re-emerged from the depression that had led him to abandon painting, he devoted himself body and soul to his most colossal undertaking: The Grand Décoration - huge panels depicting his water lily pond, so all-enveloping that the viewer's gaze is lost in an atmosphere of serenity and peace.

This brand new and deeply immersive art film allows us to discover what gave Monet the inspiration to return to work, and to produce such a stunning and immortal work of beauty.

Follow the River Seine on a visually stunning journey from La Havre to Giverny and Paris, through influential moments in the life of the world’s most influential painter, with astonishing up-close access to some of his greatest masterpieces.

Featuring special guest stars actress Elisa Lasowski (Game of Thrones), and presented with the exclusive participation of Ross King, author of the best seller Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies.


General Details

Run Time: 90

Origin: Italy

Language: English

Director: Gianni Troilo

Cast: Elisa Lasowski

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